I am the father of first and fourth graders at AM Winn eK-8 Public Waldorf School in Sacramento, CA and a digital asset enthusiast. I am a first time fundraiser and have been running a project called #HappyKidsDirtyHands primarily on social media. The proceeds are going directly to support the AM Winn Community Guild (aka PTA) 501c3 fundraising efforts.





Raise funds to support the garden education curriculum, the garden team, and the Community Guild at large using only digital assets. THE ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO RAISE ENOUGH FUNDS TO PROVIDE SALARY FOR A HALF-TIME GARDEN TEAM COORDINATOR AS A SPECIALTY PROGRAM TEACHER WITHIN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT.


Proof of concept - Digital Asset Donations: Currently, the Community Guild fundraising arm does not accept digital assets in their donation platform, excluding a massive donor base with a growing influence in charitable giving. By providing desperately needed equipment and materials directly to the garden team with digital asset donations, at least initially, I hope to convince the 501c3 to adopt a rapidly growing sector in the giving world.


Promote Digital Asset Education, Utilization, and Adoption: Like many new technological innovations, digital assets and distributed ledger tech face major blockades to widespread adoption mostly based on misinformation or complete lack of information period. By educating students, staff, faculty, administrators, and parents about the potential benefits of this emerging payment and value transfer system and providing immediate direct benefits on the ground, I hope this project has a large impact on multiple levels.


Introduce and Promote Microdonations via Online Tipping Platforms: The first stage of this fundraising project has been conducted entirely using the digital assets XRP and Tron TRX and the tipping platforms xrptipbot and Goseedit respecitvely. These tipping platforms are innovative pieces of technology that allow users to send micro payments with XRP, TRX, and other digital assets via social media platforms. This project hopes to demonstrate the ease of use and utility of this application for charitable giving on the local and regional scales.


“Create a garden; bring children to farms for field trips. I think it's important that parents

and teachers get together to do one or two things they can accomplish well - a teaching garden,

connecting with farms nearby, weave food into the curriculum.”

Alice Waters  |  Edible Schoolyard



To date, the project has been focused on soliciting donations for both immediate, on-the-ground needs like tools and materials, as well as ongoing, unfunded needs like soils, building materials, new equipment, and equipment repair. Future phases will include other project specific needs, continued background need fundraising, and ultimately spreading to the entire school's unfunded needs through the Community Guild. We kicked off the fund drive on Halloween this year. After 50 days, we have already received over 490 XRP, 15000 TRX, 50 STELLAR XLM, 55 NANO, 11000 HOT, and 110000 XYO. We used a portion of those funds to purchase much needed new hand trowels, a heavy duty wheelbarrow, a BRAND NEW VERMICOMPOSTER (WORMS). From donor to shovels in the dirt in under 2 days. That timeline is next to impossible using more traditional charitable donation avenues. Preparing for and launching this fundraising project has been an unexpected and new source of joy in my life and is already paying dividends with the kids. Harnessing my passion and enthusiasm for the future of digital assets to do good in public education has just furthered my belief in the utility of the technology and ability to disrupt the system and change lives directly.